Business Development Institute

This training session is designed for CEO’s, executive management, and Marketing/Business Development Staff.


Learn everything you need to know to turn your Business Development department into a powerful revenue generator.


  • Learn how to grow your credit union through Business Development
  • Learn how to turn your Business Development Department into a revenue-generating department
  • Learn how to build a strong branch to market to and attract new SEGs and/or community business partners
  • Discover how to create your Business Development marketing brochure and program to appeal to potential SEGS/Community Business Partners
  • Learn how to build stronger relationships through SEGs and/or the community
  • Learn how to establish the right metrics and measure and track the right results
  • Learn how to build a business development plan, establish benchmarks, measurements, and reports to track your success
  • Learn what it takes to open doors to capture more of the market share
  • Learn how to build a competitive advantage in the market
  • Learn how to penetrate your existing SEGs through increased touchpoints
  • Determine effective ways to network—work smarter, not harder!
  • Learn how to turn cold calls into HOT calls
  • Master the art of relationship building/selling to open doors and keep them open


Explore ways to market and position your credit union with SEGs and in the community in today’s economy


  1. Building your BRAND through Business Development
  2. Overcoming misconceptions and barriers
  3. Developing and marketing your program to appeal to SEGS/business partners in your communities
  4. Differentiating your credit union from your competitors in today’s economy
  5. Delivering your Business Development branding message with consistency


Find out how you can increase loyalty and retention of your SEGs and/or community partners


  1. The 2-2-2-6-12 Program
  2. Winning over key decision makers and building loyalty
  3. Value-added services and programs
  4. Customized programs for SEGs and Community Business Partners
  5. Relationship building programs and initiatives
  6. Touch points that strengthen relationships


Explore ways to penetrate SEGs and community business partners


  1. Championing a cause
  2. Community involvement versus community events
  3. Targeting the right community events for the greatest ROA
  4. Attracting potential SEGs and members at community events


Discover ways to develop and strengthen partnerships (internally and externally) to support your business development program and objectives


  1. Role of Business Development Steering Committee
  2. Engaging Business Development Champions
  3. Partnering with Branch Operations
  4. Building relationships with external resources
  5. The power of communication


Find the best approach to measure, track, and communicate success


  1. Goals that focus on critical success factors (CSFs) of credit union
  2. Action plans that help you achieve goals
  3. Activity reports that track results and goals
  4. Communicating successes
  5. Creating benchmarks
  6. Measuring success


Learn how to open doors, overcome objections, and get past gatekeepers


  1. The importance of elevator speeches
  2. Hook statements and questions that open doors
  3. Cold calling strategies that work using the 3 P’s!!!
  4. Getting past gatekeepers
  5. Getting appointments
  6. Gaining commitments
  7. Sales skills that deliver results

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