Credit Score Management Seminar

What is the Credit Score Management Program?


The Credit Score Management Program is designed to give your members the knowledge they need to help them manage, protect, and improve their credit score so they can get the interest rates they deserve on consumer loans and mortgages with your credit union. It is also designed to give your credit union a competitive advantage in your communities and open doors with existing and new SEGs/community business partners.


The Credit Score Management Program is a seminar which is provided to you as a PowerPoint presentation which your credit union can use as an educational program for your members and SEGs/community partners to deepen the relationships with your existing members, recruit more members, and build member loyalty for life which is priceless!


What Does the Credit Score Management Seminar Provide Your Members and Potential Members?


The seminar will give your members the tools they need to position themselves to better qualify for a mortgage, consumer loans, and get lower interest rates. Your members will gain a greater understanding of what makes up the credit score, how credit scores are calculated, what impacts their credit score, what hurts the credit score, and what they can do to improve their credit score.


Due to current economic challenges, we are seeing a significant increase in bankruptcies and other financial challenges faced by our credit union members and members in our communities. This seminar is a valuable tool your credit union can use to provide insight and knowledge that will enhance the member’s ability to positively impact their credit score and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest throughout their lifetime!!!


What Does the Presentation Outline?


  • Learn what makes up a credit score
  • Determine what items in the credit report impact the credit score
  • Discover which items in the credit report are not included in the credit score
  • Gain knowledge of how credit scores are calculated
  • Evaluate what can impact and/or hurt a credit score
  • Learn what actions can improve a credit score
  • Identify the two most powerful components of the credit score that can improve the credit score in a short period of time
  • Discover myths versus facts regarding credit scores


How Do I Purchase the Credit Score Management Program Seminar?


If you are interested in purchasing the Credit Score Management Seminar, please contact Celeste Cook at or 404.783.5898.


You can purchase the Credit Score Management Program Seminar as a PowerPoint Presentation for only $899 (includes 2 hours of consulting) to be used only by the purchasing credit union. You will receive acknowledgement of your order, payment instructions and delivery information within 24 hours.

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