Leadership Institute

(Two-day program designed for CEOs, management team, and managers)


This program is designed to enhance and strengthen the leadership skills of your existing leadership team with a clear focus on improving employee performance, enhancing the member experience, increasing loan growth, profitability, and retention which all lead to increased revenue and ROA. This holistic leadership approach demonstrates how you can align your entire leadership team and provide key leadership strategies that drive overall growth and success for your credit union.


  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Discover essential leadership prerequisites
  • Explore the dynamics of holistic leadership
  • Gain knowledge of a holistic leadership philosophy that will lead to increase loan growth, profitability, and retention
  • Learn how to map out a “Holistic Vision” and bring it to life
  • Learn the best approach to lead change
  • Understand the strategic planning process:  Development to execution to implementation
  • Determine how to establish clear objectives
  • Establish effective leadership strategies for growth
  • Discover how to develop SMART goals and SMART actions plans
  • Establish the right metrics and benchmarks
  • Determine how to track and measure results
  • Explore benefits of “Management By Walking Around” (MBWA)
  • Identify the best approach to effective communication
  • Explore Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring Best Practices
  • Gain insight into the dynamics of empowerment
  • Learn what you can do to establish accountability
  • Identify Management Best Practices


Key Leadership Strategies for Growth, Profitability, and Retention

(One-day program designed for CEOs and Management (Managers and team leaders are encouraged to attend)


Credit unions are faced with many challenges in today’s economy and regulatory environment. Couple this with diminished growth and profitability, and you have a daunting task on your hands… so you think, right? Not necessarily… it just takes determining the right plan of action, the right metrics, the right marketing strategies, the right lending strategies, the right goals, the right follow up, and the right resources!


In this one-day workshop, you will find your way to success by:


Discovering what you can do to create a compelling brand to grow your credit union

Identifying key critical success factors that drive growth and profitability

Learning how you can bring your strategic plan to life to grow your credit union through SMART Action Plans

Identifying the “right” metrics that bring you the “right” results in growth

Determining how to establish SMART goals that increase membership growth and loan growth

Learning how you can benchmark, track, and measure your success

Exploring creative marketing strategies proven to increase loan opportunities and profitability

Discovering how to use your most powerful resources to grow your credit union

Gaining knowledge of how to establish accountability tools to motivate staff

Explore how you can cultivate a strong service culture that is proven to lead to employee engagement; improved member experiences; increased cross sell opportunities; more loan opportunities, increased member profitability; and increased ROA.

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Chaz Rzewnicki, Vice President of Lending, Dover Federal Credit Union ($420 Million in Assets), Delaware

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